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The Caspian Sea region contains a considerable part of the worldís hydrocarbon reserves. Therefore, there are several activities carried out in terms of exploration and transportation of the oil to the international markets. MEPís has already taken part in logistic services by operating one of the Caspian Seaís biggest petroleum oil terminals.

MEPís logistic centre is located at Dubendi Port on the Caspian Sea. The terminal adds value to a wide variety of customers due to its unique accessibility by sea and numerous pipeline and railways connections to surrounding facilities and export ports. Customers are assured for environmental protection, safety and efficiency.
MEPís transhipment business deals with the transit transportation of crude oil and oil products from Caspian Sea Ports to Georgian Ports on the Black Sea through Oil Terminals in Azerbaijan. MEPís provides smooth and integrated shipping, storage and railway transportation services to its clients by close cooperation with Caspian Shipping Company, Azerbaijan and Georgian State Railways Companies and storage facility owners and/or operators in the Azerbaijan and Georgia. In addition MEP provides freight-forwarding services for Azerbaijani origin oil products from Baku Oil Refineries to the Black Sea.
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