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Transit crude oil and oil products are transported by oil tankers from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan via Azerbaijan Ports on Caspian Sea. MEP provides smooth and integrated Shipping services (Chartering tankers and booking space onboard ferries) in the Caspian Sea by close cooperation with the Caspian State Shipping Company (CASPAR). Caspar is the largest navigable company in pool of Caspian Sea. Caspian Shipping currently has a total fleet of 88 vessels including 43 tankers, 1 water-carrier ship, 10 auxiliary vessels and 35 dry ships with the total deadweight of 469'782 MT. In addition to the above fleet, Caspar has 7 freight-passenger ferry boats and 2 Ro-Ro type ships. Tanker fleet includes 5'000, 7'000, 8'000, 12'000 and 13'000 MT deadweight ships totalling at approximately 340,000 MT.

Having such wide and large fleet, Caspar is capable to be engaged in transportation of all kinds of cargoes, but the powerful share in transportations is made by crude oil and oil products.

Caspar continually renews its fleet, ordering vessels of different types. The main emphasis is placed on development of the tanker fleet. The company bought new 2 tankers with 8'000 MT DWT and 8 tankers with 13'000 MT DWT during recent years. These tankers have been built at the Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia). The tankers are equipped with a double hull, modern navigation equipment and are capable of navigating the internal waters of Russia.  Moreover, capacity and draft of these types of vessels are optimal for free operation in all the seaports of the Caspian Sea and obviate the need for the remodeling of seaport terminals or dredging operations.