The railway systems at Azerbaijan and Georgia connecting Azeri Oil Terminals to the Georgian ports. Current oil transport capacity of the railway corridor is estimated at  approximately 12 million tons per year. It could be increased through the modernisation of the railway infrastructure at both contries.

The length of the corridor is approximately 934 km where Azerbaijan Railway section is 538 km and Georgia section is 396 km. As per Railways standards passing time of one full train unit through the corridor is 200 km per day, but actually it takes average 72 hours (3 days). The same time is spent for empty RTCs back delivery. So, actual RTCs turnover is approximately 5 times per month.

Current operational RTCs fleet in the corridor consists of 2300 RTCs belongs to Azerbaijan State Railway Company, 500 RTCs of Georgian Railways and 946 private RTCs (including MEP's 315 private RTCs).

The World Bank approved a US$450 million Railway Trade and Transport Facilitation Project for the Republic of Azerbaijan that will improve railway services in the country, as well as the competitiveness, financial sustainability, operating and cost efficiency, and capacity of the Azerbaijan Railways (ADDY).  The project will target the transport corridor running towards Georgia (East-West corridor). The Railway Trade and Transport Facilitation Project is in support of the implementation of the first phase of the 2008-2011 Program of Railway Modernization of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and will focus on institutional restructuring of the Azerbaijan Railways.

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