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Dubendi Oil Terminal is located on the Caspian Sea approximately 50 kilometres northeast from Baku, Azerbaijan. The terminal presently has a transhipment capacity of 10 million tons per annum. The distance of Dubendi Terminal from the city centre and populated areas brings advantages in terms of management, the ability to protect the environment and operational safety.
Dubendi (Apsheron) Port
The Dubendi (Apsheron) Port is situated across Pirallahi Island naturally protecting the port from the frequent strong winds and high waves of the Caspian Sea. This makes Dubendi Port and Terminal uniquely well located as the receiving point for transit crude oil and oil products, with a capability to receive and offload vessels in poor weather conditions while other ports may have to be temporarily inoperative.
Middle East Petroleum has exclusive use of two jetties at Dubendi Port, which provide four safe berths where four vessels can be discharged simultaneously. Current terminal’s receiving capability is approximately 20-25 thousand tons/per day of crude oil and oil products. In the near future, two others standing jetties are planning to be repaired and modernized and this will allow increasing terminal receiving capability up to 40-50 thousand tons/per day. Dubendi Port can receive Caspian Shipping Company’s (Caspar’s) vessels up to 13,000 DWT - currently the largest tankers operating in the Caspian Sea. The sea bottom in Dubendi Port and channel is sandy and easily dredged when necessary. Present channel safe draft is 8.7 meters.

Shore Tank Storage Facility
Storage capacity at Dubendi Terminal is 195,000 m3 for light oil products (gasoline, gasoil, kerosene, naphtha, jet fuel, etc), made up of 39 shore tanks of 5,000 m3 each divided into five separate tank farms. In addition, there is a storage capacity of 146,000 m3 for crude oil and fuel oil consists of four floating roof tanks by 20,000 m3 capacity each, two fixed roof tanks by 23,000 m3 capacity each, and four small fixed roof tanks by 5,000 m3. The combined total storage capacity of the Dubendi Oil Terminal is 341,000 m3. Light Oil Products Tank Farm was totally refurbished and put into operation by MEP in August 2002.

Shore Pipelines
A total of eight pipelines connect the Dubendi Storage Facility to the rail loading installation. Three of these pipelines are used for crude oil and fuel oil, and the remaining five separate pipelines constructed by Middle East Petroleum are used for each grade of light products. Such organization of storage tanks and connection pipelines enables Middle East Petroleum to handle and transport different grades of oil products at the same time, preserving the quality specifications of each grade, due to full segregation. Shore tanks and pipelines for crude oil and fuel oil are equipped with heating facility to allow the handling of high pour point cargoes in the winter period.

Rail Ways Loading Installation
Concurrent with the investments at the Port and tank farm storage facilities, MEP increased the capacity of the Dubendi Rail Loading Facility, which is located on average five km away from the tank farms, by building an extension to the black oil product rack and a new light product loading rack. The combined “black” loading installation can simultaneously load 78 rail tank cars of 60m3 capacity (55Mt.) in a three-four hour period. The new railway installation for loading of “light” products and unloading of dark and light products has been put into operation since May 2006. The “light” loading installation can simultaneously load/unload 32 rail tank cars of 60m3 capacity (55Mt.) in a two-three hour period.

Operational Procedures
Since taking over the management and operation of the Dubendi Oil Terminal MEP has gained ISO 9001 “Quality Management System”, ISO 14001 “Environmental Management System” and ISO 18001 “Occupational Health and Safety Management System” certificates for its transhipment operations. Quality and Quantity control of crude oil and oil products shipped via Dubendi terminal is performed by international independent inspection companies.

Dubendi Oil Terminal regularly audited by Turkish Standard Institute and International Major Oil Companies to ensure environmental integrity as compliance with international and state regulations, standards, policies and procedures. The results of audits are then used to indicate areas of non-compliance and highlight corrective measures which can be implemented.

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