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State of the art facility located in Georgia, on the Black Sea shore. The terminal is situated in Khobi region, close to the populated area of the village Kulevi, and from the coastal area between rivers Tsiva and Khobistskali. Excellent project meeting international standards of high environmental awareness. Adherence to the highest industry standards. Readying to deliver for every customer expectation through its perfect layout and uncompromised design principles. Dedicated and owned 12.5 km railway spur starting from Kolkhetti.
Powerful advanced tank farms and high performance railway discharge installations. Deep port hosting 2 berths able to receive ships with deadweight of up to 90,000 MT & 60,000 MT respectively. Optional SPM installation to load up to 120,000 MT - 150,000 MT deadweight tankers at the Single Anchor Loading facility. Loading performance is from 1ooo -  8000 m3/h.
High load rates designed to meet industry requirements. Able to accept oil products and crudes regardless of their density and viscosity for modern heating technology facilitating RTC discharge, thoroughly heated pipes, tanks and load arms at the berths.
Bunkering services. Modern security technology, adoption of best HSSE practices and emergency response services built on top of modern and adequate equipment, modern and capable fire fighting systems.
To the South – West between sea and the Terminal border Terminal has accumulative sandy roller, to the North-east in a distance of 50 meters we have river Tsiva and to the opposite side on the right bank village Kulevi. Kulevi Marine Terminal and Port is designated for transhipment and storage of oil and oil products with its further loading to vessels. Overall storage capacity of Tank Park is 320 000 m3 with the prospect of increase up to 380 000 m3. The Terminal has its own Railway station, where 180 oil tank cars can be placed for discharging. The trestles make possible the simultaneous discharge of 168 oil tank cars. Black Sea Terminal is committed to protect the health and safety of all employees, and to ensure that our activities are not harmful to the environment and the greater community.
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